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Commercial Shelving

As the economy recovers, the real estate industry, too, is beginning to show signs of life, which can only mean one thing: Rising prices for new construction, and higher rates to lease or maintain existing space. In the commercial space, business owners are hunkering down to grow their business by other means. This could mean reducing their product line, focusing on new markets, or new product innovation. But in all cases, one factor may be more critical than others: Organization. When it comes to commercial shelving, Ontario-based Hilicom sets the pace, offering a wide range of commercial shelving units and storage solutions to meet every business need and help companies improve their bottom line. Hilicom excels at providing custom-tailored solutions for unique challenges at a variety of price points. We are the leader in the rapidly growing Canadian market for commercial shelving, with each of our commercial shelving products meeting or exceeding all ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004, and ACAI/CISI quality standards.
Every commercial building is different, designed to exacting specifications with different floor plans and other features that require a range of commercial shelving products. Each of the units we sell and install is available in various depths between 12 inches to 32 inches, and widths between 12 inches and 72 inches wide, in 12 inch increments. Commercial properties require different storage solutions, and our shelving are made from Boltless or Rivet Shelving (where the wood decking is made from particle board, plastic, or plywood), Steel or Metal Clip Shelving (utilizing all metal components), and Wire Shelving (wire decking). As you begin looking for the right commercial shelving products, it’s important to ask questions like how much weight can these shelves hold? Do any of the shelves come with glide-out style drawers? How long will they last?
Galvanized products are ideal for commercial shelving where doors, delivery bays, or other openings are left open for long stretches, leaving items exposed to environmental stress (heat, humidity, rain, freezing cold, wind) or other damage (products being accidentally knocked over, bumped, or crushed). Galvanized units are the perfect foil against moisture, mold, rust, or other damage because of their strength and durability, and also can be custom designed for manufacturing, distribution, restaurants, retail stores, offices, private homes and garages.
About Us
Hilicom provides more than just commercial shelving. Our extensive product line accommodates many categories, among them: retail, residential garages, warehouse racking, mezzanines, offices, restaurants, and interior design. Simply put, we offer solutions you can trust and we have built our reputation through quality products, hard work, and unparalleled customer service. We take our business and yours very seriously, and Hilicom meets or exceeds all ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001, and ACAI/CISI quality standards.
If you have questions about a previous sale or installation, current order, or need information on shelving solutions, please contact us today at 888-434-6101 or via email (info at hilicom dot com) for a no-commitment consultation. We are available to answer emails and phone calls Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time, and on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm Eastern Standard Time.