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Garage Storage Shelves

With the unclear situation of the real estate market, many homeowners are looking for ways to maximize the value of their residence without selling it, adding an addition, or making other major renovations. One of the ways that consumers are finding more usable space in their homes is by looking no further than the garage – attached or detached.

To squeeze as much value and utility as possible out of the garage, it’s become necessary to organize it – minimizing the clutter, and finding creative storage solutions through innovative garage shelving units, some of which can hold more than 270 kilograms of “stuff.”

Part of that necessity is driven by the need for more usable space for social gatherings, for a workshop, a place to exercise, or to simply store everyday items more efficiently, whether boxes of clothing, yard and lawn equipment, or even furniture. This sort of evolution of the garage as something more efficient than a carport has been afoot in the United States for the past four or five years, but is just now starting to gain traction in the Canadian market. Hilicom is at the forefront of that movement, offering unique storage systems and garage shelving units customizable based on taste and budget.

When it comes to the residential garage-design-market, nothing is more important to homeowners than turning their garage space into a multi-functional unit, which means more than simply attaching metal shelves to the walls or hooks to the ceiling. Effectively utilizing garage space means getting items off the floor, of course, but homeowners are demanding creative, tasteful solutions that turn their garage into an extension of the home itself – rather than a ground-level storage unit. As a result, consumers are choosing not only innovative garage shelving units, but cabinetry and storage systems typically found inside the home, particularly those that would mimic a kitchen-style configuration.

Within the garage-design-market, Hilicom leads the way with high touch customer service, innovative designs and solutions to fit any taste or budget, and attention to detail. Part of our business model is actually listening to what our customers say, and recognizing that a successful garage redesign is based on a partnership with the homeowner – rather than merely taking a signed contract and implementing something based on what we feel the customer wants. Because of this, Hilicom has established itself as the premier provider of value-added storage and display solutions in the greater Toronto area marketplace.

The benefits of working with Hilicom, whether you’re having garage shelving units installed or completely re-designing your garage, are immense. We promise the highest quality with every job we’re honored to accept, offer a lifetime guarantee and no-hassle installations, offer storage solutions that are customizable, and market and sell the widest range of accessories anywhere. Whether you’re an experienced do-it-yourself guru or in the market for a company who can handle your garage-design project from start to finish, contact us today at 888-434-6101 or via email (info at hilicom dot com) for a free consultation. You won’t be disappointed.