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Industrial Shelving

Industrial settings present unique challenges for managers or business owners, from managing the flow of supplies to deliveries to shipment to securing product to just about everything in between. And one way for a business to run smoothly is through the utilization of industrial shelving units and storage solutions to meet a variety of needs. Hilicom, a leader in the burgeoning Canadian market for industrial shelving, excels at providing unique solutions for unique challenges at a variety of price points. Our industrial shelving products are available in high strength metal components allowing for multi-level shelf units that support a wide range of items in size, weight, and shape.
Hilicom’s industrial shelving products come in many widths between 12 inches and 72 inches wide, in 12 inch increments, and various depths between 12 inches to 32 inches. Different industrial settings require different storage solutions, and our shelf level surfaces are constructed of Boltless or Rivet Shelving (In which case the wood decking is made from particle board, plastic, or plywood), Steel or Metal Clip Shelving (built with all metal components), and Wire Shelving (wire decking). Each surface type has different benefits for the type of goods and materials it will hold, so it’s important to take that into consideration when speaking with us about custom solutions.
In many cases, Hilicom sales staff and designers will recommend Galvanized products for industrial shelving, especially if it’s critical to protect items against moisture, rust, mold, or other damage. Shelving units made from galvanized steel are perfect for any industrial business where doors, delivery bays, or other openings are exposed for long stretches, thereby exposing items to environmental (rain, heat, humidity, freezing cold, wind) or other damage (products being accidentally bumped, knocked over, or crushed). Many of our industrial and warehouse clients also have discovered these high strength shelves are perfect for other settings, too — restaurants, retail stores, manufacturing, distribution, offices, private residences and garages.
What sets Hilicom apart from the competition? Think white glove customer service, innovative solutions and designs unique to each project, expert installation, and attention to detail. Because of all of these, we are the leader in the rapidly growing Canadian market for high quality industrial shelving units. In order to find the right solutions, our staff is available for onsite visits, which allows us to analyze each client’s needs, and to present different storage options in varying price ranges, while explaining how each option could help the client meet their needs and improve their bottom line.
Many of the materials and products we use come from green or renewable sources, meaning our clients know that they’ve not only found the best products at the best prices, but solutions that won’t burden the environment or expand a business’s carbon footprint.

Contact us today at 888-434-6101 or via email (info at hilicom dot com) for a free consultation, and we’d be happy to tell you why you will be excited to work with Hilicom thanks to other benefits, such as expert design and installation, high quality materials, and peace of mind that comes from our standard lifetime warranty.

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