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Mezzanine Shelving



When businesses grow, they tend to run out of space. More goods and services are being sold, which means the need for more office, warehousing, retail, or manufacturing square footage. In the commercial and industrial space, Hilicom is making this possible through custom designed mezzanine shelving systems that can save money and maximize existing space.
From an architectural perspective, a mezzanine is an intermediate floor between main floors of a building that typically is not counted as part of the structure’s overall square footage. But when space is at a premium, squeezing as much use out of a mezzanine level is an ideal solution.
Hilicom offers a wide variety of mezzanine shelving systems to choose from, each in different colors, styles, and with features to match any business need. Because each building is different, these types of shelves have different features to choose from. Generally speaking, however, mezzanine shelving features: steel bar grating, a roof deck with a plywood floor, multi-level shelving units, and even decks over the shelving for additional space.

Advantages of mezzanine shelving are:

  • They double floor capacity
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Modular design, with units added as needed
  • In some cases, mezzanine shelving can be transported if your business relocates
  • Many units are prefabricated for immediate use
  • Customized solution for limited spaces

Hilicom is staffed by mezzanine shelving design specialists with industry and application experience sets the company apart from all competitors in the greater Toronto area. Whether your business needs a standard or custom mezzanine shelving system, we have the best engineering team in the industry and provide the most cost-effective system based on factors such as size, span, load, and height requirements.
Hilicom is the premier supplier of unique mezzanine shelving solutions in the greater Toronto area, thanks to a combination of value, laser-focused customer service, and the best sales, design, and installation professionals anywhere. When times are tough economically, we understand that clients are often working with reduced or limited budgets, which means we work with each to craft solutions to fit their needs and within a wide price range.

About Hilicom

Hilicom offers an extensive product line that accommodates many categories, among them: mezzanine shelving, commercial, residential garages, retail, offices, restaurants, warehouse racking, and interior design. Unlike some competitors, we offer shelving and storage solutions you can trust by building our reputation through quality products, hard work, and top flight customer service. If you take your business seriously, then why shouldn’t we? Hilicom meets or exceeds all ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001, and ACAI/CISI quality standards.
If you have questions about a previous sale or installation, current order, or need information on shelving solutions, please contact us today at 888-434-6101 or via email (info at hilicom dot com) for a no-commitment consultation. We are available to answer emails and phone calls Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time, and on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm Eastern Standard Time.