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Super 4 5 6 Shelving System

The SUPER 4/5/6 shelving system is a cutting edge, innovative and revolutionary product made from prime quality, high tensile, certified steel. Unique in terms of product design, ease of assembly and great performance.
SUPER 4/5/6 IS based on the following main structural components:
Upright: created as a closed boxed section, without holes and cutouts  with eight location points on four sides for connecting unidirectional beams or bracing, thus making it also highly suitable for the use within platforms and mezzanine structures.
Beams: can be fitted in parallel pairs on the same upright at the same height, thus providing a highly individual to any load requirement.

SUPER 4/5/6 unique qualities are:

  • Adjustable, requires no welding.
  • Light & strong & modular – you can expand existing structures with ease
  • Horizontal and diagonal bracing can be assembled in parallel pairs on the same frame