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Tire Racks

Vehicle tires are bulky and take up a lot of space, making it a challenge to store, access, and display them properly in a commercial or retail setting.
If you run a tire service or repair shop, or merely sell tires, then you understand the necessity for efficient organization and the means to move product in an out – whether it’s incoming inventory, or tires that have recently been sold.

At Hilicom, we specialize in a wide variety of tire racks to meet all of your needs, and offer custom design and installation services for commercial and retail customers all over the Metropolitan Toronto region.

Did you know? Hilicom offers no questions asked lifetime! rustproof guarantee for our shelving products & tire racks

Like all of our other innovative and affordable shelving storage solutions, our tire racks are fully boltless, made from galvanized steel that meets EN 10204 standards to guarantee strength and durability, can be assembled quickly, and can be accessorized to meet specific needs. We sell and install passenger tire racks, truck tire racks, and various display tire racks at all price points.
Some of the tire racks we sell include perforated decks to meet fire safety codes, which mean they are designed to allow water from overhead sprinklers to filter down and protect tires that may be in storage. The ratio of holes to the solid deck provides good support and will not leave marks on any tires stored in the racks. A less expensive but nonetheless useful tire rack we sell and install uses a wire mesh to cover the deck, which is ideal if tires are moved frequently in and out of the rack.

One of the areas that some customer’s take for granted is the layout of their shelving and storage space, and how that can affect the type of tire racks they purchase.

Here are four things to consider before making your tire rack purchase decision:

  1. Determine your exact needs. Do you require tire racks that will store tires for one vehicle, or multiple vehicles?
  2. Figure out where the tire racks will be installed. If tires will be stored in a retail shop where they will be viewed by customers, we recommend tire racks with no more than three tiers. Anything higher will place tires beyond the view of most people, and make them harder to see.
  3. Determine how the tires will be access and removed (by a person or machine, for instance).
  4. Plan a layout that maximizes available storage space, and work with a design professional to make sure each of your goals is met.

If maximizing floor space and efficient tire storage is the goal, Hilicom offers tire racks available in stand alone or wall mounted systems, as well as heavy duty racks with casters which allow them to be moved easily. In our experience, wall mounted systems of a horizontal design may be the best all around option, as they allow for faster access to the tires. This is especially true of multi-tier horizontal tire racks.

Hilicom also sells and installs tire racks for personal use, and can customize a solution to help homeowners maximize garage floor space through different stand alone and wall mounted systems.

Whatever your tire rack need is, just call us today and request our free, no-obligation consultation. Our staff has great experience with tire racks and all kinds of shelving systems.