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UNI BUILD Shelving System

The design of the various components within the UNIBUILD series is the result if rigorous technical testing and highly specialized knowledge developed over years of experience in the field of metal processing.
The versatility of the heavy duty UNIBILD series makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, providing highly technical solutions to the most important racking problems, such as rapid assembly, stability and strength, and utmost cost efficiency.

UNIBUILD Qualities:

  • The beams are of composite section, up to four times their material thickness at points of maximum stress. They have connectors with 5 anchor points at either side.
  • The main advantages of these beam connectors are the following: 3 anchor points are operating in tension and 2 in compression.
  • The connection between beam and upright is made via tapered slots in the upright section, providing an improved connection with increased load.
  • This specific design feature prevents rotation of the connector in the upright section, improving the load bearing capacity of the beams.
  • The frames are made from high tensile hot dipped galvanized steel (SENDZIMIR procedure).

The UNIBUILD series are particularly suitable for DRIVE-IN-installations, allowing the maximum use of space and volume due to the elimination of access aisles.
The storage volume is therefore more than doubled compared with standard pallet racking.