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UNIRACK Shelving System

The UNIRACK shelving series has been designed and implemented to meet the needs of light to medium duty storage: it is also highly suited for construction of single two and even three tier structures, up to a max . Height of 8 meters, with frame loadings up to 4800 kg (in the US-R version).
The frames are of bolted construction using high tensile Allen cap head screws cleverly concealed within the upright section and provide quick and easy assembly without the use of specialized equipment.
The four different models of the UNIRACK series are interchangeable. Beams are located on the inside face of the upright section by means of their integral end connector.
The USP-series is a separate UNIRACK series. It is used for minor loads, only. Here H30-solid shelves are located into the upright section by means of four shelf clips.
The versatility of the system allows the easy use of dividers, modular containers, drawers, and a large range of other unique accessories for the storage and separation of small loose parts.
Delivery and installation of even major projects can be achieved very quickly. This is possible due to the high rate of production coupled with an extensive network of distributors worldwide, extreme ease of assembly and a very rapid installation time.
UNIRACK carries the approval mark of TUV PRODUCT SERVICE and is now use in in great many installations throughout the world.