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Warehouse Shelving

Warehouses present a myriad of challenges for any business or business owner. On the one hand, an active warehouse with goods coming and going is a sign of sales; on the other hand, a busy facility also could be even more so without processes and organization to keep everything running smoothly. That’s where Hilicom comes in, with a wide variety of warehouse shelving and storage systems that can be further customized to meet any client needs. Unlike some units, warehouse shelving for industrial settings generally come in metal components that allow for multi-level shelf units that can support a wide range of items in size, weight, and shape.
Thanks to a business model based on unparalleled customer service, innovative designs and solutions tailored for any project, and expert installation, Hilicom is a leader in the burgeoning Canadian market for high quality warehouse shelving solutions. While best practices have helped drive growth, each of our repeat clients stress the same thing: They appreciate how much our sales and design staff listen to their needs, rather than assuming we know what they want. This means every client receives an in-person inspection of their warehouse or other industrial property so we can specially design a storage solution for their specific needs. We also realize that spending money in a challenging economic environment is a sacrifice for many business owners, so the Hilicom sales and design staff go the extra mile to present multiple storage options at different price points, and explain the features and benefits of each.
Our warehouse shelving products are available in many sizes from 12 inches to 72 inches wide, and are produced in various depths between 12 inches to 32 inches. Because each warehouse or industrial setting is different, our shelf level surfaces come in different materials such as Steel or Metal Clip Shelving (constructed of all metal components), Boltless or Rivet Shelving (utilizing wood decking such as particle board, plywood, or plastic), and Wire Shelving (wire decking).
Galvanized products are becoming increasingly popular as warehouse shelving and in other settings where a premium is placed on its ability to stay clean and resist rust and mold. These characteristics are especially important in a warehouse environment where doors may be left open, sometimes exposing products and shelving to abrasive elements for long stretches at a time. High strength shelving units are ideal not only for warehouses, but for manufacturing, distribution, restaurants, retail stores, offices, and private residences and garages.
Besides our industry experience and testimonials from thousands of satisfied customers, there are other benefits to working with Hilicom. We offer innovative warehouse shelving products competitively priced and of the highest quality, not to mention expert design and installation services and an industry leading five year warranty. For customers who’ve struggled with assembly and installation on their own, each of our products offer rapid assembly, extreme stability, strength and high cost efficiency. As always, we’re available to answer any questions, whether you wish to take on a project yourself or are looking for the premier warehouse shelving vendor to do the work for you. Contact us today at 888-434-6101 or via email (info at hilicom dot com) for a free consultation.